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Our Pet Care Packages are designed to give you peace of mind and cater for your pet’s individual needs. After all, we want your pets to feel relaxed, comfortable and the centre of attention.  Nicola holds a current insurance policy issued by QBE, as well as "Police Check Certificate issued May 2016," &  Real Estate Registration Certificate.  She has an extensive history of caring for pets, properties & family homes.

Your pet will be in the very best of care.
— Annette & Don | Belmont

Cats do tend to prefer the stay at home packages.  It eliminates the stress of travelling and being away from their familiar home environment.  Therefore, we are happy to provide a professional pet care service to their door. You can choose between two care packages, the difference being one daily visit or two - it's up to you!

Your Kitty Cat Stays at Home Package 1

One visit per day includes:

  • Breakfast or dinner service
  • Clean and refresh water bowls
  • Clean food bowl
  • Tidy litter tray
  • 30 minutes of grooming and play
  • With full replacement and removal of litter material weekly 

Your Kitty Cat Stays at Home Package 2

Two visits per day includes:

  • All of the above twice per day (morning and afternoon).

NB:  We prefer our clients to provide their pets normal food supplies & kitty litter.  It is best to keep your pet on their normal diet.


One visit per day includes:

  • Breakfast or dinner service
  • Clean and refresh water bowls
  • Clean food bowl
  • Yard cleaning duty
  • 30 minutes of grooming and play in your yard or a local walk if approved.
  • In hot weather – cool down with the hose and towel dry


Two visits per day includes:

  • All of the above twice per day (morning and afternoon)
  • Plus a 30 minute walk in the local area with play each visit

NB: We prefer our clients to provide their pets normal food supplies & kitty litter.  It is best to keep your pet on their normal diet.


  • Daily text and photo messages
  • Retrieval of mail
  • Turning lights on and off
  • Garbage to curb for collection (if requested)
  • Watering of pot plants (if there are quite a few we may need to factor in a service fee)



AT OUR PLACE - Belmont North

We welcome all pooches that have a happy and social nature no matter what size package they come in. If they are an indoor fur baby with good house habits then we are happy to invite them inside for extra company and comfort. We want our home to feel like it’s their home!   (Note:  We do only care for 1-2 doggies at any given time from the same family or if they have a "buddy bestie" that they are wanting to holiday with them and they get on really well then we would be happy to have them stay (extra fee applies).  We want your pets to feel safe and secure in a homely environment).   

Home cooked meals are available if you prefer! This can be factored into your quote. Ideally we would like to retain the same diet as if they were home.  After all to a dog it’s all about the food.  We are happy to pamper!

Our backyard is medium size, secure with attractive landscaping and shady grassed areas to play. Plenty of fun exercise with us, ball games, paddle pool & two decent walks per days with special adventures to dog friendly "approved" areas.  

Your pet will be the centre of our attention!

A warm bath and regular grooming is included in their stay with no extra charges if they are book for more than a 7 days holiday stays. Please pack their grooming brushes, toys & any bedding that they would like to bring with them. We do have clean bedding, but they may prefer to have their own. 


This is essential to your booking along with the All About Pet Care Card Service Agreement if your pet is going to be away from their own family home.  Please present at check-in.


Essential medication - Please ensure your pets have their flea treatment applied well before their stay so our home and your fur baby is protected and comfortable.  Preventative treatment is always best and more cost effective in the long run.   Paralysis ticks live within 50 km of the east coast & can be fatal.  We will be keeping a close eye out for any on a daily basis, however, as you are aware they can be quite difficult to detect.

Fleas can cause skin disease and be a constant irritation for your pet.  If we find fleas present during their stay and no treatment has been left with us we will purchase the appropriate flea treatment and present the receipt for reimbursement.  We want your pet to be has happy as can be and our home flea free!  Please leave a spare flea treatment with us & any other medication to reduce any "incidental expenses".

Please note All About Pet Care is not liable for tick paralysis or any illness that they may suffer during our care or unfortunate fatalities. We will provide your pet with only the food that you supply or the brand of kibble/tins/meat that you have specified.  We will always act in your pets best interest and contact the "emergency contact" and yourself should the need arise.   We will seek medical attention as soon as we are aware that medical assistance is required and prefer not to take a "wait and see" approach if your pet is exhibiting signs of illness.  We would like to have your vet assess or our family vet rather than deferring assistance just in case something serious may be going on with your precious pet's health.  Hopefully no such emergencies will arise.  Please record on your Pet Card when their tick & flea treatment fall due and we will schedule their medication accordingly.  Also provide their "Pet Insurance" details if they have got private health care cover.


We offer a complete range of additional services



$25 per walk/per dog (maximum 2 dogs - providing they are use to walking together - additional dog add $10.00). 

We offer a daily walking program to help keep your pet happy and healthy ultimately keeping neighbour's happy as well.  In severe weather walks will be postponed, however, some grooming time and undercover playtime could still be arranged for some companionship. 

Extra $10 fee applies if you are located between 15 - 30kms from Belmont, and if you are "beyond" then $1 per KM traveled after 30kms.

***If you book 10 walks in advance and within the same two week period, we will provide one freebie 30 min walk which will be deducted from your next 10 day booking as a 'thank you'***

(Apologies ..... Limited spaces are available with the walking service due to regular clients being booked in advance).



A 30 minute visit to your home to check on your pets (Good for sick pets, little ones the furry kinds). Price determined by distance traveled. (refer to charges above as an indication).  $25.00 per visit.



Lawns and garden care can be added to any package for an agreed price & schedule. If you have the equipment on hand and fuel available we can attend to the lawns for you.  A handy service when you're absent from your home for extended periods.  Your quote will take into account the provision of garden equipment & fuel supplied.   We love gardening and mother nature.  Please note that if your equipment fails to start we will not charge.  However, we are not liable for repairs.  We will advise you of any faulty equipment and whether you would like us to attend however, the quote will be revised accordingly.



Want something else? We'd love to work with you to create a special plan for your pet. Please let us know how we can help. Email Nicola.


Peace of mind with All About Pet Care


 The Benefits

  • Your pets will enjoy a loving home environment (Belmont North, Newcastle). 
  • Lots of one on one time with us.  Daily walks.  Fun excursions (if you approve).  (Rate calculated by calendar days – maximum 2 pooches from the same family).
  • Professional pet care service to your door.  Pets remain in their familiar, comfortable, safe home environment.  Eliminating health risks from being exposed to other animals in group boarding.
  • Pet Sitting and overnight stays available with trusted and experienced pet carer (insured). Improving home security in your extended absence.
  • Happy pets!   Our customised care plans ensure your pet receives a high standard of care and their usual diet and routines continue in your absence.
  • Home cooked meals available upon request and factored into your Pet Care Plan.  Pets maintain the same diet.  Owners to provide their frozen food packages for daily defrosting. (extra $5.00 fee applies per meal).
  • Special excursions include: Fernleigh Track, Croudace Bay/Valentine, Toronto foreshore area, Pelican/Marks Point foreshore, Merewether & Bar Beach & Redhead Beach if you approve.   Your fur baby(s) will always be on lead whilst in our care for extra peace of mind.  Life is never dull.
  • Grooming included in our “Home Stays” - package 5, warm bath & towel or blow dry. (Free service).  Note:  Applies to bookings that are 7 days ++.
  • Experienced Property Manager with Police Check Certificate.  Your house keys will be coded & secure (no names/addresses).
  • Pet Home Care Services include clearing of mail/advertising material, turning on and off lights for added security whilst you are away, watering of pot plants (if fewer than 12), even your garden can be taken care of for you (additional service fees will be quoted).
  • Small family Pet Care Business with extensive experience in caring for pets including doggies, kitty cats, feathered clients, turtles, chickens, & fish.
  • Insurance policy in place should any unfortunate incident occurs whilst exercising your pet in public places or being transported to and from pet outings, vet visits, or special pamper treatments. 


Pricing & Services

Each “Pet Care Plan Quote” will be prepared based on:

  • travel time
  • collection and return of keys
  • the number of pets registering for our services
  • the number of home visits you nominate for your precious pets each day
  • how long you would like the services to be in place and the length of each visit
  • food supplies in the event the owner has not provided, flea treatment/medications & kitty litter.  Please note we prefer the owner to supply all of their food/medications.
  • whether home cooked meals are requested $5 per mail preparation

Payment for your booking and services needs to paid in advance.

If paying by EFT please ensure payment is made 5 days prior to your service start date. Otherwise cash payment can be made at check-in.  

We do not take a deposit in good faith that you will be using our services.  We would appreciate if you have to cancel unexpectedly that as much notice as possible is given.

Any unexpected vet visits will need to reimbursed immediately via eft or preferably by credit card directly with the vet in charge (should they agree), as well as our own costs for transportation (travel time & fuel).  Please refer to the “Service Agreement” for full details.

Booking Confirmation - Email

Once we have completed the “Pet Care Package Quote” and the quote has been accepted outlining the service dates and arrangements (key collection/exercise & dietary needs) we will email confirmation of your Pet Care booking or if we complete the paperwork together just to ensure the correct check-in and check-out dates have been booked.

A checklist will be included just to make sure we have organised all the essential care items to make their holiday or pet care service perfect!

No deposit is required.  We trust that you will give sufficient advance notice if your plans change.


Confirmation Phone Call

We will schedule to contact you prior to confirm the check-in for pet minding/home care visit services and confirm the pet service dates/program and that their supplies/medications/flea treatments and special food needs will be supplied and ready for the service period.  Please feel free to call us as well to confirm any arrangements.

Reminder to also have a copy of your current Vaccination Certificate C5 for pooches for our files, which can be emailed to along with a receipt for pet care services if paying by EFT.  We will send a "thank you" email to confirm when we have received the funds.  This payment is required prior to commencement of the care package. 



For added peace of mind, please be assured that we will treat your home with the utmost respect.  Having worked as a Property Manager/Officer, and holding a current Real Estate Registration, I have a high degree of respect for people’s homes and possessions.  I will also present you with my current Police Check Certificate.


Important Information

All About Pet Care will always act in your pet’s best interest.  Please note that we are not liable if your pet takes ill.  We will keep you or your Emergency Contact well informed.   

Tick & flea medications are important. Your pet needs to be on a current program to offer them comfort and protection whilst in our care. Please ensure you provide the dates that the medication needs to be applied and extra treatments in their Pet Care Kit.  We are not liable for any sickness/death/injuries that may occur as a result of your pet not being on a suitable preventative program.

We will only exercise your pet in the agreed areas. No off lead time will be permitted. However, if another animal causes injury or if your pets becomes aggressive we are not liable for any accidents that may occur. We take pets on special outings to make their day fun and exciting. We trust that you know your pet’s behaviour and temperament very well and should only approve of field trips if you are 100% confident that they will be relaxed and manageable whilst socialising. Again we will report to you if any incidents occur and hopefully no serious injuries will result, however, it is a “risk” when being outside of their enclosure.  


How do I pay for my pet care services?

Two payment options are available.  Electronic Funds Transfer or pay by cash on the day. 

If paying by EFT please transfer the full payment as quoted five days prior to the commencement of the service.  We will be unable to provide a service without receiving the payment in advance.

What if I need to extend my pet care minding service?

Please give as much notice as possible.  If your pet is receiving door to door service we can extend the service.  We just request that you organise the “additional service fee” to be paid via EFT for the extra time you require upon requesting the extension of service.

If however, your pet is in care at our home, and providing we do not have another pet checking in we will extend care at our home.  Please arrange for the extra service fee to be paid via EFT and send a copy of your receipt either by text or email. 

Should we have another pet checking in we would need to ask that you liaise with your “emergency contact” and see if they can collect you pet.  Alternatively, if they have access to your home we could assist you with door to door pet care service for your pet until you return.  Please arrange access for us and the additional service fee to be paid upon your request via EFT.

What happens if I have booked a walking service and the weather is terrible?

Our walks generally take place in all weather.  However, if it is extreme and if you feel your pet would not appreciate the walk we can postpone and organise another time within 7 days.  If you are a regular client we can add another walk to your program at no extra charge.  We can always take some toys and if you leave their grooming brushes and offer some companionship undercover with play time.  If you could please leave your fur baby’s towel out just in case we do need to dry off a little that would be much appreciated.  (Limited spaces are currently available for this service due to regular clients being booked well in advance).

Is All About Pet Care insured, registered, & is a Police Check Certificate Available?

Yes, Yes & Yes! We are a registered business with ABN: 89272942889 and I also hold a current “Police Check” Certificate.

Will my dog be boarding with any other dogs whilst in care at your home?

No!  Unless you have booked two dogs into care with us and are part of your family or their "bestie"!.  This ensures your pet(s) remain the centre of our attention and are not subjected to risk of infections whilst in care and settle into a “normal” home environment without feeling threatened by other strange dogs.

Will my dog be able to be off lead?

We prefer all dogs to remain on lead for their own safety.   .

If you approve of a paddle we would have them on a light weight lead in calm waters.  

What happens if my pet does show signs of being unwell when I am away?

We will keep in regular contact with you either by text messages or phone if it is urgent.

If they should show signs of illness, I will try to make contact with you initially.  However, if it does appear to be quite serious, I will call your Emergency Contact and explain the need to seek medical assistance as soon as possible.  Your pet is our “number 1” priority.  We feel it’s best to get medical assistance without delay just in case.  We will ask your vet if they could provide you with details via phone or email on your pets condition, and if the option is available for them to send you an account via email that would be ideal.  If not, we would pay the initial consultation fee and seek reimbursement for their fee and our time in attending with your pet.  If they need to take immediate action for example a “tick” emergency then naturally urgent treatment would be undertaken.  As you are aware some treatments can be quite costly and we would need your prompt assistance to settle the accounts.  Your emergency contact will also be informed.   We would rather act than take the risk of “wait and see”.  If your nominated vet is unable to see your pet within a timely manner we will ask New Lambton Vet Clinic at Broadmeadow if they can assist. They have been our family vet for 15 years and have always provided a very caring and professional service to all of our pets.  Mt Hutton 24 Hour Vet Hospital is another option close by that we would also contact.

Do you mind cats at your home?

No.  Cats generally prefer not to travel or be away from their own environment.  Therefore, we offer a door to door service so their routine remains as normal as possible whilst you are away.  We offer 1 or 2 visits home care visits per day.  It’s up to you and quotes are available.

Do you provide all the essentials or do we need to provide food, medications, bedding, toys etc?

Each pet has a different diet and routine.

It is definitely preferred that your pet(s) whether they are being cared for in their home or at our house, bring their supplies ie their usual kibble, tin food, brand of kitty litter and their clean bedding and any toys that they have fun with.  We really want to keep things as normal as possible. If our clients would like their meals cooked daily, please package the fresh food and freeze in daily portions.  There is a $5.00 fee for a “hot dinner” service.  If we do run low on something kitty litter or kibble, flea treatment I will restock with their usual brand and present the receipt for reimbursement.