We are a small family pet care business that is ALL ABOUT YOUR PRECIOUS PETS!

"Where we love and care for your precious pets as if they were our very own!"

We offer "One on One" pet care in a loving home environment.  We want your family pets to feel special and part of our family, where our home is their home.     

Our mission is to help your pet feel happy and relaxed and they will be the centre of our attention whilst holidaying with us.  OR if they choose to stay at their home then we will ensure they are well cared for with their usual routines & comforts.  Just choose the pet care package that best suits you and your pets.

We will take the time to meet you and your pets, decide on a special 'Pet Care Plan' together, provide a free quote, and ensure your pet receives a loving pet service with all the things that they are accustomed to having in their day.

We will also keep a record of their medication needs, allergies, strict dietary requirements and preferred vet and emergency contacts should they feel unwell whilst you are away. 

We will keep in touch with you daily via texts and photo messages just to keep you connected and reassured that your pet is relaxed and happy! 

We also invite you to bring your furry friend to visit us PRIOR to booking a holiday just to help them feel at ease before their "check-in" date.

We understand that you and your pet need to do your research. So we'd love to get together to discuss the finer details of their requirements and prepare a quote detailing their individual needs.

See our "Testimonial Page" or read testimonials from some of our happy clients herehere and here. Referees can be provided upon request.

Nicola & Wayne

Nicola Ferrier
Pet Nanny

Wayne Fink
Dog Whisperer & Plumber

Nicola has been dedicated to caring for pets, people, buildings and family homes throughout her career.  She has worked in the Real Estate Industry (Property Management & Strata) and now is focused on sharing her time caring for family pets and providing community care services. She has always had a very strong yearning to care for animals and pets. 

For the first time in their lives Nic & Wayne are without a family pet (except for Wayne’s tropical fishes and the resident backyard possum). They have happily cared for many pets over the years; check out the Happy Pet Gallery. They just love having 'pet company', which inspired them to start ALL ABOUT PET CARE.

We want your pet to enjoy a loving, comfortable and relaxed lifestyle when you are away from home.
— Nicola

A paradise for your pets


We both have grown up with family pets and have always had an 'open door or gate' when family, friends, employers, neighbours and clients needed a pet minded over the years. 

We know how worrying it can be leaving a pet in care when they are so used to a family home environment, enjoying a certain lifestyle and being the centre of the family. So much so, we decided to offer our services and home to other pet families who have had similar concerns and just want to feel totally relaxed leaving their precious pets in a loving home environment. Your pets will receive devoted pet care without having to compete for attention or share space with other pets, unless they are 'related'.

Our family home is situated in picturesque Lake Macquarie (Belmont North). We are surrounded by stunning beaches, beautiful parklands and endless walking trails. Redhead Beach headland is within view. We think it is the perfect holiday destination for your pets!  In fact, I am sure every pooch would say that it’s a 'Pet's Paradise' . And the perfect place for them to enjoy a holiday of their own!  


As you can see from our 'Family-Fur Tree' below, we have had a mix of small, medium and large sized pets and breeds with varying personalities and traits.

Saba and Nicola in a 'selfie'.

Gentle   George -  Our Rescue dog!

Gentle George - Our Rescue dog!

Beautiful Betty

Gorgeous Sparky (Kelpie X)     

Adorable Rascal (Labrador)     

Loyal and loving Kibby (German Shepherd)     

Gentle and gorgeous George (German Shepherd X Doberman), our rescue dog who was so clever!     

Adam (German Shepherd), a true superstar and member of NSW Customs Dog Squad. He detected a two million dollar drug haul.

Last, but certainly not the least Saba, nicked name 'Saba B Bear'.  He was our very cheeky and playful long haired Belgian Shepherd. 

Now a Family-Fur Tree is not complete without a kitty cat; our family has had two, Minnie and Betty.

We have also had experience caring for tropical fish, gold fish and chickens and our resident possums who drop in.