AT OUR PLACE - Belmont North

We welcome all pooches that have a happy and social nature no matter what size package they come in. If they are an indoor fur baby with good house habits then we are happy to invite them inside for extra company and comfort. We want our home to feel like it’s their home!   (Note:  We do only care for 1-2 doggies at any given time from the same family or if they have a "buddy bestie" that they are wanting to holiday with them and they get on really well then we would be happy to have them stay (extra fee applies).  We want your pets to feel safe and secure in a homely environment).   

Home cooked meals are available if you prefer! This can be factored into your quote. Ideally we would like to retain the same diet as if they were home.  After all to a dog it’s all about the food.  We are happy to pamper!

Our backyard is medium size, secure with attractive landscaping and shady grassed areas to play. Plenty of fun exercise with us, ball games, paddle pool & two decent walks per days with special adventures to dog friendly "approved" areas.  

Your pet will be the centre of our attention!

A warm bath and regular grooming is included in their stay with no extra charges if they are book for more than a 7 days holiday stays. Please pack their grooming brushes, toys & any bedding that they would like to bring with them. We do have clean bedding, but they may prefer to have their own. 


This is essential to your booking along with the All About Pet Care Card Service Agreement if your pet is going to be away from their own family home.  Please present at check-in.


Essential medication - Please ensure your pets have their flea treatment applied well before their stay so our home and your fur baby is protected and comfortable.  Preventative treatment is always best and more cost effective in the long run.   Paralysis ticks live within 50 km of the east coast & can be fatal.  We will be keeping a close eye out for any on a daily basis, however, as you are aware they can be quite difficult to detect.

Fleas can cause skin disease and be a constant irritation for your pet.  If we find fleas present during their stay and no treatment has been left with us we will purchase the appropriate flea treatment and present the receipt for reimbursement.  We want your pet to be has happy as can be and our home flea free!  Please leave a spare flea treatment with us & any other medication to reduce any "incidental expenses".

Please note All About Pet Care is not liable for tick paralysis or any illness that they may suffer during our care or unfortunate fatalities. We will provide your pet with only the food that you supply or the brand of kibble/tins/meat that you have specified.  We will always act in your pets best interest and contact the "emergency contact" and yourself should the need arise.   We will seek medical attention as soon as we are aware that medical assistance is required and prefer not to take a "wait and see" approach if your pet is exhibiting signs of illness.  We would like to have your vet assess or our family vet rather than deferring assistance just in case something serious may be going on with your precious pet's health.  Hopefully no such emergencies will arise.  Please record on your Pet Card when their tick & flea treatment fall due and we will schedule their medication accordingly.  Also provide their "Pet Insurance" details if they have got private health care cover.