We offer a complete range of additional services



$25 per walk/per dog (maximum 2 dogs - providing they are use to walking together - additional dog add $10.00). 

We offer a daily walking program to help keep your pet happy and healthy ultimately keeping neighbour's happy as well.  In severe weather walks will be postponed, however, some grooming time and undercover playtime could still be arranged for some companionship. 

Extra $10 fee applies if you are located between 15 - 30kms from Belmont, and if you are "beyond" then $1 per KM traveled after 30kms.

***If you book 10 walks in advance and within the same two week period, we will provide one freebie 30 min walk which will be deducted from your next 10 day booking as a 'thank you'***

(Apologies ..... Limited spaces are available with the walking service due to regular clients being booked in advance).



A 30 minute visit to your home to check on your pets (Good for sick pets, little ones the furry kinds). Price determined by distance traveled. (refer to charges above as an indication).  $25.00 per visit.



Lawns and garden care can be added to any package for an agreed price & schedule. If you have the equipment on hand and fuel available we can attend to the lawns for you.  A handy service when you're absent from your home for extended periods.  Your quote will take into account the provision of garden equipment & fuel supplied.   We love gardening and mother nature.  Please note that if your equipment fails to start we will not charge.  However, we are not liable for repairs.  We will advise you of any faulty equipment and whether you would like us to attend however, the quote will be revised accordingly.



Want something else? We'd love to work with you to create a special plan for your pet. Please let us know how we can help. Email Nicola.